12 Monthly Birth Flower Tattoos

Amazing 3D rose tattoo design on shoulder blade.The Significance of 12 Months Birth Flower Tattoos…

Because of their attractive look and meaningful aura, birth flower tattoos are one of the most sought-after by tattoo enthusiasts.  They are highly-accepted as tat designs for their being adaptable, imaginatively appealing and expressive in profile.  While the rose, cherry blossoms and lotus are some of the most popular floral tattoos, there are still many other kinds of designs that you can consider as body art.

If you want your tat to be more significant and meaningful, you can opt to have birth flowers.  For the month of January, the birth flower is carnation.  The meaning of this flower tat differs depending on its color. Red color symbolizes affection, pink for gratitude, and white is for friendship.  If your birth month is February, the striking iris is your birth flower, and the colors that you can use for it are white, yellow and purple.

As one of the most popular birth flower tattoos, they symbolize faith, love and wisdom.  The birth flower for March is the bright yellow daffodil which is known as the earliest flower of spring.  This tat design differs based on the color such as the dark blue which represents royalty, and the one suggesting passion which is the yellow iris.

An awesome 3D April daisy flower with ' Just Love ' letters tattoo design on blade.

Because of this, the iris tat design has been related to a new beginning and a new life, but could also serve as an indication of joy and happiness.  For people who are born in April, the Gerbera daisy is their birth flower.  They are associated in a wide choice of colors like green, orange and pink.  Their tattoos signify purity and innocence.

If you are born in May, your birth flower is lily which is also a popular kind of birth flower tattoos due to its striking petals.  This flower is associated closely with Virgin Mary, and it is recognized as a symbol of humility, chastity, sweetness, and purity of the heart.  The flower of rose which is one of the primary choices of both men and women is the birth flower for the month of June.

Strength and integrity gladiola flower tattoo on white singlet girl's shoulder and blade.

While rose has different meanings based on its color, it is still known as a typical flower that signifies love and passion.  For July, you have the Delphinium as birth flower symbolizing deep attachment and open heart.  Its name was taken from the Greek term for dolphin because of its petals that has similarity in shape to the tail and fins of a dolphin.

Another kind of birth flower tattoos has the image of a Gladiola which is the birth flower for August.  This flower got its name for having a resemblance with a sword.  It stands for strength and integrity, and it exudes a wonderful blossom and slender appearance.  The birth flower for September is aster which is attached to a legend for being an enchanted one.

Yellow Merry Chrysanthemum flower of November tattoo design on arm.

Being a talisman for love, its perfume was believed to exorcize evil spirits.  The vibrant and vivid marigold is October’s birth flower.  Its original name is “Mary’s Gold”, symbolic of creativity and passion.  November is symbolized by the merry chrysanthemum as sign of joy, optimism and long life.  The remaining kind of birth flower tattoos is Narcissus for December which is associated with egotism.

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