5 Most Beautiful Flower Tattoos on ribs

Aqua and pink color lily flower ribs tattoo for women.Nowadays, more people are inclined to place their flower tattoo on ribs because of the kind of canvas that it offers the tat artists for bigger tattoos.  You may not be aware of it, but the rib cage is one of the parts of your body that you might experience severe pain because there is no fat between the bone and the skin.

One thing sure, your tat artist will tell you that your skin will hurt in placing the tattoo, but if you think you can endure it, it’s actually a great place to embed your tattoo.  Tats on the rib cage are becoming very popular these days since many tattoo lovers prefer to get themselves etched on this part of their bodies.

Being able to accommodate large and intricate tattoo designs, it’s not surprising why this area is now being preferred by both users and tat artist to embed the flower tattoo on rib cage.  In selecting the appropriate tat design for ribs placement, the image of flowers tops other choices.

In this article, you will learn about the 5 favorites among flower designs on the rib cage that are now being sought-after by tat aficionados.  First among them is the cherry blossom which has delicate pink-colored petals that create an amazing look when used as a tattoo.  In China, this exotic flower is symbolic of sexuality and feminine beauty.

Sexy girl's right ribs were covered in a large and classical lily tattoos.However in Japan, this beautiful flower signifies transformation in life related to the Buddhist beliefs and teachings.  Another flower that is second among the list is lotus which is commonly used in creating flower tattoo on side that is known to have a life cycle associated to the life of human beings.  This flower emerges from the dirty mud at the bottom of a pond or lake into a full-bloom flower above the water surface.

This cycle symbolizes the life of persons who have experienced difficulties in life, but were able to survive, and emerged as victorious.  The third flower is rose which is known to be a classic flower tat design that is considered an all-time favorite.  The meaning of a rose flower tattoo depends on its color.  If you choose red for its color, it would mean romance and love.

Three large red and black roses tattoo ribs tattoo design for girls.

Pink color for rose stands for elegance and grace, while yellow indicates a feeling of warmth and happiness.  The fourth image of a flower tattoo on ribs is the lily which is associated with purity and innocence.  The reason for this is that it has been found in several old paintings that depict Virgin Mary.

The lily is a gorgeous and fragrant flower that possesses various colors like orange, lavender, white, red and pink.  Fifth is the hibiscus which has bright colors that flourishes only for a limited time that’s why it is considered to symbolize delicate beauty.

In Hawaii, it’s said that if you engrave a hibiscus on the right ear, that means you’re single and on the left ear means you’re taken.  With these choices of flower tattoo on ribs at hand, you can get started so long as you have a skilled tat artist.

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