Best Flower Tattoos Ever

3D red color rose tattoo design on woman's thigh.The Forever Trends in Best Flower Tattoos…

Many tattoo lovers would agree that the best flower tattoos that are gaining popularity these days have similarity to flower tattoos of the past.  However, you’ll notice that highly detailed images which are portrayed in tattoos today are new.  Unlike the tattooing process done in the past, the complex flower tattoo designs that are being used nowadays have existed for about a century or so.

There is an ultimate reason behind this insufficiency in the history of flowers as a design used in embedding tattoos.  Prior to the introduction of tattoo machine, duplicating the complex image of the flower was difficult, and that color selections were unlimited.  During the time of the Aztecs, they were confined to drawing the image of Poinsettia as documented in history of flower tat designs.

The early coolest flower tattoos were usually granted to Aztec women for being supportive behind the scene to their husbands who served as warriors of the tribe.  In 1910, the rose became popular as the primary design of flower tattoos which enjoyed an immense popularity for over 50 years.  During those times, a head or body coming out from the rose became a popular tattoo.

Two red roses, diamond and crown tattoo design on man's right arm.

There were several tat artists in that era that became famous in creating various unique flower designs.  These tattoos were frequently combined with kewpie dolls, sailor girls and sultry hula as they quickly became the primary choice of tat enthusiasts.  While the old designs of rose tats are again making a good comeback these days, a lot of flower designs are also becoming popular.

The reason for this is due to availability of various colored inks used to draw greatest flower tattoos.  If you combine these various selections of ink and use a modern gun for tattooing, an expert tat artist can possibly portray any kind of flower in a tattoo accurately.  Since flowers are always associated with different philosophies, religions and groups, it’s common that they are frequently used in tattoo designs.

Purple and orange color lotus flower tattoo at sexy upper back.

A great example of this is the daisy which is famous for possessing simple design and bright colors.  The tattoo scene that is one of the most sought after by tat lovers today dates back between the 60s and 70s when the peace and love crusade was very much on the rise.  Lily flower is another popular design option to be used as tattoo because of its multi-colored aura.

Being widely-known as a symbol of memorial love, a lily tattoo which is among the best flower tattoos is usually combined with the name of a lost loved one.  This beautiful flower has been associated with several religions that reflect the concept of eternal life.  In the case of lotus flower, it is not only recognized in eastern cultures, but also throughout the world.

Fantastic lily tattoo design at sexy girl's back.

Aside from symbolizing enlightenment, different cultures have a strong belief that Buddha emerged from the blossom of lotus, bringing truth, goodness and beauty.  For the Chinese and Japanese cultures, the flower of peony is a symbol of balance between risk and its corresponding prize.  It is also considered to be one of the best flower tattoos.

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