Between Star and Flower Tattoo Designs

A special lily with stars tattoo is marked on woman's upper arm.Getting ready to ink a tattoo and wondering how you should select the design? It can be quite confusing with literally thousands of tattoo designs in all categories and all of them looking pretty good, right? Well, I could give give you a pointer. Females have always been fascinated with star and flower tattoo designs because of its symbolic values, beauty and the way it enhances a feminine personality. Besides, flowers and star tattoos easily relate to love and womanhood and can be made as small tattoo designs giving  you an opportunity to try out tattoos and then extending them into elaborates ones.

While men have been having tattoos inked on them for ages now, women started this hobby a little later for want of acceptance in society. This is a little bit of contradiction because tattoo history says women too had tattoos inked on them in the olden days. However there was gap in this tradition and now it has picked up in full force and girls are ready to convey messages of love, individuality and personality through their tattoos. Here are some symbolic values of star and flower tattoo designs to make your choice easier.

Flower Tattoos: Flower tattoos emphasizes the daintiness, gentleness and love of women. Flowers represent beauty, color, passion and love of nature and all things beautiful. Some of the more popular flower tattoos are rose, jasmine, orchids, hibiscus, lilies, lotus, daisies etc.

Some small blue flowers tattoos at the back of beautiful girl's neck.

Orchids: These tropical flowers are symbolic of elegance, luxury and passion. Women of taste would go in for an orchid tattoo to show that they are exclusive and totally special.

Hibiscus: These flowers are a representation of brightness, softness, delicacy and beauty while in bloom . They also depict the short nature of life on earth. Often chosen by women to show that they are irresistible in their youth.

Signify purity of thought and majesty in appearance. This flower is linked to virgin Mary since she is very often drawn as carrying a bunch of lilies to show her virginity. Tiger lilies depict strength and power.

Girl with small black stars tattoo at the back of her ear is working at the tattoo parlor.

Stars Tattoos: Another favorite design among the ladies and men too is the star tattoo design because of its link to religion and mythology. The early Christians considered the five point star as depicting good health. The Star of David  or the six pointed star is related to Jewish religion. A star represents luck, faith, beauty and a path to goodness. A shooting star is considered as an angel who fulfills the special wishes of people. Stars also represent galaxy and a source of energy since sun is  the biggest star.  There are also the nautical stars which are a great favorite amongst sailors. They regard the star as the shining torch which leads them to success after great struggles. So people who face life’s struggles with determination and equanimity would prefer to ink in a star. So, what I would say is you can never go wrong with a star and flower tattoo design.

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