Cool Vine Tattoo on Foot

Pretty vine tattoo design on pink color nail polished girl's foot.Refreshing Vine Tattoo on Foot for Girls…

The symbolism of vine is harmony and growth, as well as prosperity and peace that make it suitable as vine tattoo on foot.  You won’t believe it, but vine tattoos are something special as a tattoo compared to other foot tat designs.  They can be used as superb ornament for your body, and their sensitivity makes them excellent as feminine tat designs.

If you’re a woman who is looking for a designer vine tattoo design, this one can be a perfect choice for you.  One thing great with this tattoo is that you can choose from a wide variety of selections that is available in reputable tattoo sites online.  Another benefit that this tattoo offers is that it can cover a wide space on your body with a little amount of ink.

That means if you want to etch a long vine tattoo on feet to cover your legs, you don’t have to worry that your tat artist will run out of ink.  At the same time, you’ll have enough space of your leg free.  These vine tats are suitable for girls who prefer something that is fashionable, but simple in design to be engraved on their foot.

Girl shows her rose vine tattoo on her foot at the famous tattoo parlor.

Grapevine tat design or poison ivy is the most typical tat idea for young girls.  Tat designs on foot for women consist widely of either a single leaf symbolizing beauty, or an entire plant of poison ivy that symbolizes danger.  Vine tat designs on foot can also comprise flowers or leaves of other plants.

Vine tattoo on ankle may be bold or delicate depending on the kind of flower, leaves or other tat designs that you will use.  In embedding one, keep in mind that a thin size of a vine tat would be more attractive compared to a bold one.  You can decorate your vine tat with butterflies or hearts if you want.  This design is commonly mixed with flowers and leaves, but you can also have only one of these.

Awesome vine tattoo design on woman's right foot.

However, in order to come-up with a perfect look, you should only use the same kind of leaf or flower in the whole vine.  Tattoos of this kind can include star tat design or other designs that are suitable to combine with vine tattoos, and the vine should be created with different strokes.

In case you want to incorporate a different element to your vine tattoo on leg, then, you should see to it that it would look nice and suitable to the basic design of your vine tattoo.  It means that if your vine is something that is highly-sensitive, then, you can combine it with a delicate design because if you use a bold type of vine, your design might look weird.

A girl shows her red flowers with bubbles vine foot tattoo design on the carpet.

If you are serious in inking vine tats on foot, you can either have a single color or something that is colorful in design.  If you prefer multi-color tats, remember not to have more than 3 colors.  When it comes to the size of your vine tattoo on foot, it highly depends on the location of your tattoo.

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