Flower and Vine Tattoos

Small flower with vine tattoo design on girl's ankle foot.Have you seen a combination of flower and vine tattoo on someone; great and enticing isn’t it? That is because flowers are by nature soft and  inviting and when depicted along with vine it gets an alluring quality. Usually some of the flowers used for tattoo designs are orchids, lily, rose, hibiscus, jasmine etc and the commonly used vines are kudzu, ivy, grapevine or even holly. Each of these flowers have a symbolic value attached to them and so do the vines. For instance Romans look upon ivy as symbolic of immortality while ivy is said to represent friendship and love. Well, pure love and friendship is immortal in quality aren’t they?

On the other hand grapevine for the Hebrews mean the “Chosen One” representing strength and good luck and for Greeks grapevine is the symbol of Dionysus, God of wine. For Christians grapevine depicts gluttony in human form. Awesome pink and white flower vine tattoo on woman's body.However, Celtics think of all vines as symbolic of determination and strength of spirit. So, depending on what meaning you want to accept and want to portray, you can choose the vine and the flower to go with it.

So, if you choose an ivy vine, you could perhaps combine with rose flowers in single or multiple colors since roses are symbolic of love and friendship. You can also add tendrils and some leaves in your flower and vine tattoo for better effect. Although the combination of flower and vine is attractive, do not restrict yourself. You can also add butterflies, birds, feathers, heart, star, letters or initials to have greater impact. The color scheme can be single or a colorful look, but choose your colors with care to see that they blend well and do not clash. The vines are usually given a greenish or greenish blackish color and this gives a perfect background to colorful flowers.

Monochromatic color scheme seems to be quite popular in flower and vine tattoo; however this depends on individual preference.

Placement of tattoo is the next aspect in creating an attractive tattoo design. Although vine and flowers can be etched anywhere in the body and look great,  in certain areas they look splendid. A long climbing sort of vine interspersed with colorful flowers and leaves along your arm can look really great. You can add a few butterflies to complete the effect. Another good area would be around your ankle and going upward to the calf in which a twining vine with flowers and perhaps a few birds would look scenic. If you are aiming for a small tattoo with a small wine and just a couple of flowers, around the ankle in the shape of an anklet or a small tattoo on your feet would look nice. This can be done around the wrist too or the inside of your hand. I have also seen some women look very seductive with a flower and vine tattoo around their waist which looks very sexy and inviting.

A large and amazing flower vine back tattoo is marked on sexy girl's back.

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