Flower Arm Tattoos

Cool Japanese cherry blossom on Japanese girl's sleeve.The Feminine Touch and Sexy Profile of Arm Flower Tattoos…

Are you aware that arm flower tattoos are popular these days because there are many symbols that they represent?  These tattoo designs convey meaningful ideas, emotions and messages, and even if their meanings are sometimes similar to the colors of other armband tattoos, they have different interpretation.

These tat designs are considered very attractive because they are colorful, scented and fragile.  You can also embed these arm tattoos on your skin to serve as unique ornament for several occasions.  Nowadays, you can obtain these tats from online tat galleries which you can download to be added to your collection of tat designs.  In fact, you can also give a tattoo design for arm as a lasting gift to your love one.

As a kind of tattoo, arm flower tattoos are one of the best loved by tat enthusiasts.  You can find flowers everywhere and they continuously blossom the whole year round.  Some flowers grow during the period of summer while there are others that flourish in springtime, but you can view the prettiest blossoms during the periods of winter and fall.

Curly hair woman with pink and white lotus flower tattoo on her upper arm at the garden.

While in most cases you’ll find that these popular symbols are mostly tattooed by women to serve as decoration for their skins, you’ll learn from this article that some of flower designs can be sported also by men.  Even in ancient history, flowers have been the subject of admiration for great eras.  A good example of this is the old Roman Empire where vast gardens of roses were found.

These kinds of flowers were used as sources of medicine and perfumes. Even during those times, arm flower tattoos were already gaining popularity among tat lovers.  For many cultures, the lotus flower has played a major role in famous legends.  In the traditions of ancient Egypt, lotus flower represented world chaos.

Purple lotus flower with water tattoo design on upper arm.

The old Egyptians believed that their recognized sun God named Ra, came from the petals of lotus.  That is why in Egypt, arm tattoos were viewed as symbols of genesis and revival eras.  They believed that if ever the tomb of Tutankhamen opens, his body was full of blue lotus.  In Hindu tradition, lotus flower was believed to serve as the seat belonging only to Brahma, their acknowledged creator.

In China, lotus is a symbol of creation.  So, if you have arm flower tattoos embedded on your skin, they don’t necessarily symbolize femininity, but also other meanings.  Let’s take the white lily as an example.  This flower also relates to the lotus in Christian belief.  On the other hand, sunflowers were also considered as idols which were worshipped by the ancient Aztecs.

Girl with sunflower arm tattoo photo shooting in the photo studio.

These flowers were used as crown for their princess and pictures of golden sunflower were placed in the areas of worship.  In historical eras, sunflower was recognized as the Russian national flower.  A flower tattoo embedded on their arms was treated like a jewel that was worn throughout the day and night.

These arm flower tattoos were viewed as ideal ornament for the body of women because they exude some kind of feminine touch and sexy profile for the wearer.

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