Flower Tattoo Designs on Foot

An attractive blue and white lily tattoo design on foot.Why Flower Tattoo Designs on Foot are Impressive to Women…

Flower tattoo designs on foot are one of the most beautiful and attractive tats based on their aesthetics.  They are capable of projecting the different emotions of individuals.  Their portrayal commonly depends on origins and colors of the flower designs.  Everybody knows that flowers are vivid, delicate and fragrant.

In fact, they are usually considered as the most beautiful specie among other living organisms on earth.  In the people’s everyday lives, flowers are used as ornaments for important events.  They are also utilized to add elegance to homes and business.  Undoubtedly, flower foot designs are excellent decorative option for girls.

Flowers are great because you can find them anywhere on the planet, and they have gained prominence since time immemorial.  Different kinds of flowers bloom in different times of the year.  Their images that form part of flower tattoos are the most-favored among women in fashion.  In general, women dominate the love for flower tats, but nowadays, there are also flower tattoo designs on feet that are suitable for men.

Red and yellow daisy flower tattoo on foot is the most-favored among women in fashionAs you search for history of flowers, they have been deeply-admired dating back to ancient times.  In fact, vast rose gardens were found during the period of the Roman Empire.  In these gardens, roses were grown for use in a variety of purposes like in the manufacture of perfumes and processing of medicines.

As one of the favorite images used in flower tattoo designs on leg, the flower of lotus has a popular significance as part of myths that was spread out in various cultures across the globe.  Referring to Egyptian mythology, lotus was the lifeless flower that came from a bud and rose to become a lovely specie.

Girl can opt to have a wonderful flowers tattoo on foot .

Ancient Egyptians believed that their sun god named Ra came out from the petals of lotus.  In Egypt, this event was viewed as a symbolism of a renewal and a new beginning.  When the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen was opened, his body was said to have plenty of lotus that surrounded him.

In the mythology of Hindu, lotus was recognized as the respected seat of Brahma, their recognized creator, while it is perceived to signify conception in China.  The one referred to in Christianity as white lily is the lotus flower.  This is one of the reasons why flower tattoo designs on foot have already been popular even during those times.

During the early years in history, the Aztecs offered golden sunflowers in their temples and use these flowers to crown their royal princess.

A small and cute sunflower tattoo on girl's foot.

In Russia, the national flower is sunflower.  When a person sees a flower, the initial perception that comes to his mind is one that contains a lot of beauty.  Apart from aesthetic appeal of flowers, they also symbolize some well-known ideologies.

While most of the meanings associated with flowers are mostly favored like friendship and love, there are also some negative meanings attached to them such as death and rejection.  By nature, the choice of foot tat design is highly-influenced by personal character and experiences.  In certain instances, you can also use flower tattoo designs on foot to express your emotion.

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