Henna Flower Tattoos

Traditional henna flower tattoo design on girl's hand and finger.Henna Flower Tattoos are Great as Semi-Permanent Tattoos…

To give you a background information about henna flowering plant which is popularly used in henna flower tattoos, it is usually found in the world’s semi-arid regions.  Its leaves are known to contain “lawsone”, a red dye molecule which can be mixed with protein.  Ancient people have been using the paste produced by these leaves to dye fabrics and color the nails, skin and hair.

As part of traditions, henna was utilized to imprint delicate designs on a person’s hands and feet.  If you want to adorn your skin with a design that is semi-permanent to last for a few weeks depending on its location, then, a henna tat design can be a perfect choice for you.  These tats are used traditionally for cultural and religious festivities, but a lot of people also use them for daily fashions.

The pink shirt woman shows her henna hand tattoo to photographer.

Lately, Henna has been used commonly in Eastern countries for temporary Hindu temporary flower tattoos due to its antiseptic ingredient which protects your skin against bacteria and fungi.  This is also the quality that makes people use it for scalp treatment, skin infection, smallpox, jaundice, increasing hair length, and reducing hair loss.

Dating back to 7000 years past, henna has been used as a hair-coloring ingredient by Cleopatra and Nefertiti in the ancient Egypt.  After its widespread launching in the 19th century, it has been found in a lot of European shampoos.  Due to the extensive use of its flower including henna tattoos, this popular flowering plant has been widely grown in Persia, Egypt and India.

An awesome henna flower tattoo design on hand.

In this article, you’ll learn about the types of henna flower tattoos that are made out of henna.  First is the Arabic Henna which consists of big flower patterns like the star-shaped design.  In the case of Black Henna, you may not be aware that it’s not really natural in color.  Products that you can find in the market with its label only become black due to a chemical named “Phenylenediamine”.

Because of this mixture, the enriched qualities of henna become unfavorable since they can cause allergy to the user.  As a result, henna tats will look darker in color if dried-up longer.  However, your tattoo will slightly fade within 1 to 4 weeks time depending on the intensity of your sweat or how frequent you wash the applied area.

A prettty girl shows her amazing classical henna tattoo on her feet to photographer.

Regarding the proper placement of henna flower tattoos, you can place them in any part of your body, ‘though the feet and hands are the most popular locations that they are being embedded.  You can also put it on your shoulder if you want it hidden, or you can engrave it on your legs and back.

You won’t believe it, but even pregnant women want to have a henna tattoo on their stomach because they believe that it’s a nice canvass for them.  If you want to embed your henna tattoos on your hands, you can place them initially with your hands while saving your fingers from mess.

The pink color bra woman's shoulder blade was tattooed with a henna flower.

This area can provide you with a bigger space that can accommodate henna flower tattoos like leaf chains, floral webs, floral trails, lady lines and lotus flowers.

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