Meaningful Family Tree Tattoos

A family tree tattoo design for men and women.Do you want to depict your family lineage in a tattoo design on your body. Then go for a family tree tattoo. This is done by drawing a tree design and etching the names of family members at the branch tips. This has to be done by a really good tattoo artist, since tree designs are intricate and etching names is also difficult. Hence look out for a reputed professional tattoo artist to do the job for you.

Many people are proud to display the genealogical data of their family. If you were drawing on a paper, you would probably use a flow chart to display the data. Similarly to do it artistically as a tattoo design, trees are used as the base with the tips of different branches depicting the hereditary lineage. This is only a fun and at the same time artistic and aesthetic method of representing your family tree. Such tattoos quickly attract the attention of spectators and you can be proud of your tattoo.

Man's right shoulder blade was tattooed with family tree and names tattoos.

Let as look at the different aspects of family tree tattoos.  Family tree consists of a lot of names to be incorporated and hence this tattoo will need a lot space for inking. So consider etching tree tattoos at the back, arms or shoulders. Depending on the area you have chosen you can select the nature of the tattoo design such as broad and spread out or long and narrow. Here are some tips.

1. Bonsai trees are a great favorite for family tree designs and other similar trees are also used. However the choice of trees also depends on the individuals preference like he may want to depict a tree belonging to his native country. But take advice of the tattooist because the tree should be suitable for a family tree tattoo design.

A woman with a large family tree tattoo at her back sitting on the chair.2. Leaves at the tips of branches can hold the names of family members thus giving the names a descending order.

3. Tribal designs consisting of twisting vines are also a good choice for family tree tattoo designs. On these you either etch the names of family members or also etch their face. This will give it a very ethnic look.

4. Black tree tattoos are a hot favorite in family tree designs. Black makes the tattoo more prominent and the names will be more legible than when you use colors. Designing a tattoo with colors is more time consuming and you need a extremely experienced tattooist.

5. Tree tattoo designs should be depicted with open leaves with names on it. If it is a flowering tree, flowers should also be incorporated for authenticity.

6. Celtic tattoo designs are a mystic and attractive way of depicting a family tree tattoo. Celtic designs consists of branches and roots in the form of knots and loops all entangled together in an artistic and circular formation. The branches and roots are connected and there will be no beginning or an end which is actually typical of a family. Hence Celtic designs depict an endlessness to a family in its tree tattoo design.

Man shows his awesome side family tree tattoo in the bathroom.

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