Meanings of Iris Flower Tattoo

A purple, white and yellow color Iris flower tattoo design.“A thing of beauty, a joy forever” I think this saying is very apt for the Iris flower tattoos. A tattoo not only makes a person more attractive, it expresses the individual’s character and personality. A tattoo gives attitude to a person and today it has become a fashion statement. If you wear a tattoo, you are cool. The tattoo art has become popular not only with youngsters, you can see people of all ages sporting a tattoo, be it a man or a woman. Among the thousands of tattoo designs available, flower tattoos are very popular especially amongst the women.  You can see roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, orchids, hibiscus, lotus, petunia and so many more. Flowers naturally bring out the feminine character of the woman to the forefront with its gentle beauty and bright colors. One of the flowers gaining popularity in tattoo designs is the iris flower tattoo.

Symbolism of Iris flower: The Iris flower is symbolic of beauty, gentleness, serenity and the noble character of a woman. This flower got its name form “Iris” the Greek goddess of rainbow.  It is believed that goddess Iris traveled on the rainbow to commute between the land of gods and land of the human beings. Some also believe that Iris was messenger of the gods and carried souls of women  into the underworld. Hence this flower also symbolizes the absolute truth that death befalls everyone.

The iris flower has three petals symbolizing wisdom, valor and faith. Some cultures also believe that the three petals represent the past, present and the future. It is supposed to portray hope, truth and royalty too. A dark blue Iris flower tattoo would depict hope and faith, while a white iris would depict purity. Purple iris stands for wisdom and yellow for passion.

A nice purple color Iris flower tattoo on girl's foot.

Tattoo Designs: Since the iris flower has a variety of symbolic values, you can depict whatever symbolism you want by creating a unique tattoo design. A single white iris would portray your purity of thought and action and a blue one would show faith and hope. The iris has a special beauty of its own and when designed perfectly has a great appeal.

Tattoo placement area: This tattoo design can be done anywhere in the body depending on individual choice. However, since it is a flower of such delicate beauty, place it on an area where it is visible to be appreciated by others. Shoulder blade, upper arm, thigh, calves, ankle etc are good places for  a iris tattoo design. A single large iris flower on the middle to upper arm would have a great impression. Iris flower can also be complimentary to other tattoo designs for more impact. On women the more vibrant colors of iris tattoo designs will be more attractive and if men would like to have an iris flower tattoo, they could use a subtler color along with another tattoo design to lessen the feminine effect.

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