Popular Side Vine Tattoos

Wearing jean pants girl shows her Hawaiian vine side tattoo to photographer.Have you seen those creative side vine tattoos?

Vine tattoo designs are creative and versatile in the sense that it lends itself to extension and modification at a later date and at the time of drawing a  good artist can make it a very unique and designer type of tattoo. There is no size, shape or color restriction in vine tattoos and they look good in any part of the body which can give it a potentially growing appearance. So side vine tattoos  can be crafted to look elegant and yet dangerous in a creepy sort of way or you can make it look attractive and beautiful by adding butterflies, flowers or angels with vine crowns.

Vine tattoos have different meanings among different cultures such as Romans, Greeks, Celtics tribal people and among the Christians. Among the vines, the grapevine is very popular and is symbolic of immortality, good luck, strength and determination. A vine tattoo can reflect a person’s strength of mind and determined character like saying “he/she is as strong as a vine”.  Vine tattoos have no gender restriction either. It looks equally good on men and women unlike some tattoo designs that either look attractive on women or men.

Placement: This  can depend on what size you want and whether you want a narrow and long look or a broader design. For instance a vine tattoo climbing up

A gorgeous lily flower vine tattoo design on sexy girl's left side.

the side of your leg from ankle to thigh or spiraling up your leg would be preferably a narrow vine design. Similarly you can think of a side vine tattoo starting from your wrist and curling and spiraling all the way up your arm to disappear at your shoulders or neck giving it a look of growing into your hair. This can have a stunning effect. You can soften the effect by adding flowers or butterflies, fairies or hearts.

On the other hand if you are looking at a smaller tattoo you can do a straight side vine design from ankle to knees or wrist to elbow or biceps. There are some people who like the side vine tattoo to start from the pelvic bone level and go up to their armpit though according to me this tattoo cannot be seen properly. A broader vine tattoo design would start at the groin or on the hip and will go up to the rib cage, chest or up the shoulder. To make the vine tattoo pleasant you can ink it in bright and light colors like blue, green and pink with a combination of black.

A large green color vine tattoo on green cloth and pink pants girl's side.
Make sure that your tattoo artist gives your vine tattoo the finish of a growing vine which is the basic characteristic of a vine. A poison ivy vine can give an individual a dangerous look, a grapevine can look beautiful and yet give a tinge of danger and both lend themselves to creativity of the artist. Remember that piercing side vine tattoos can be a wee bit painful while filling; so learn to relax your body without excessive stretching as this can cause a blur of the design.

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