Popular Types of Hawaiian Flower Tattoo

Woman with red hibiscus and pink orchid flowers tattoo on arm standing beside the car.Anyone who has visited Hawaii would agree that this country is noted for tropical weather, carefree character and most of all, the origin of Hawaiian flower tattoo.  Apart from this, it is also known for possessing breathtaking, beautiful scenery.  Attractive variety of flowers that are exquisite, colorful and bright can be found everywhere, which is now popularly used as tat designs for girls.

Hawaiian tats have been existing for many years, and their Polynesian tattoos that form part of their body art is still very much in circulation today which you will notice in the interpretations of trendy tattoos.  This traditional body art signifies the old type of tribal culture.  In Hawaiian terminology, the name “kakau” refers to the traditional method of embedding a tribal tattoo.

Hawaiian flower tattoos are great symbols of their interesting culture, a way of expressing their strong belief in God.  More than a century ago, the Hawaiian people used to congregate in temples and wished every tribal member who had Hawaiian tattoos inked on their skins the feeling of peace and happiness.

An exotic blue Hawaiian tattoo design on leg.These tat designs were utilized to distinguish the personal identity of tribal people.  The ink used for this purpose was taken from a blend of sugar cane extracts and “kukui” nuts which produced black ink.  If you want to have these kinds of tattoos embedded on your body permanently, you should have a background about the symbolism of different types of Hawaiian flowers.

One of the flowers commonly used to create a Hawaiian style flower tattoo is the Anthurium which is a kind of tropical specie that is heart-shaped, and it is known to symbolize hospitality.  You’ll find the most popular kinds of this flower specie to be red in color but in general, they are known to have different colors such as pink, green, white, purple and orange.

The elegant Hawaiian hibiscus flower vine tattoo design for women.

Another popular Hawaiian flower which is recognized as the state flower is called hibiscus, which is strikingly beautiful in its yellow color.  This flower is a symbol of sensitive beauty, and is available in various colors such as purple, red and pink, although the most common image in making a tattoo is colored yellow.  When a woman puts a hibiscus behind her ear, it means that she is welcome for marriage.

The next flower that you can also commonly see in Hawaiian flower tattoos is the orchids.  Hawaiian orchids are one of the most popular orchids in the world, and the specie that tops the rank in Hawaii is called dendrobium, a butterfly-shaped orchid.  This exotic flower signifies luxury, magnificence, strength, beauty and love that make it perfect to be your choice of a tat design.

A special birds with Hawaiian flower tattoo on red cloth woman's upper breast.

The flower named Birds of Paradise has large orange and blue blossoms that look like very dramatic resembling a bird in the sky.  If you want a flower that signifies paradise and happiness for a bright and colorful tat design, then, this one is great for you.  In order to make your Hawaiian flower tattoo interesting and original, you can mix them with other objects such as ocean waves or hula girls.

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