Sexy Leg Vine Tattoos

A small red flower with vine tattoo design on woman's leg.Imagine two or three strings twining around one another continuously forming a chain and you have the vine tattoo design. The lines of vine tattoo design is curved beautifully and merged with flowers , fruits and leaves and any other natural element to give it beauty and meaning. The leg vine tattoo especially has a captivating effect on the onlooker.

Since vine tattoos mainly consists of curvy lines, there are no restriction on its shape and size. It depends entirely on the individual’s preference. This is an additional advantage since vine tattoos lend itself to expansion at a later date. There are different kinds of vines and all the vines have different meanings and symbolic values in different cultures.

Grapevine and ivy are the two most popular vines used for tattoo designs. Sometimes even the “Holy” is used for vine tattoo design. The Celtic people believe that the vine signifies strength of mind and a determined character. In Greek mythology the ivy represented procreation and fertility. According to the Romans the god of wine was adorned with an ivy crown to symbolize immortality. Hebrews  consider grapevine to signify strength and luck and among the Christians the grapevine crown was a symbol of gluttony.

An amazing and beautiful flower vine tattoo on a girl's right leg.

As you can see the vines have a lot of symbolic value and you can choose the design to suit your personality. For instance if you were to depict a vine tattoo on your chest, it would probably signify your strength of mind and determination. A vine tattoo because of its flexibility lends itself well for any placement area on the body. A leg vine tattoo can be inked through the full length of the leg from hip to foot or anywhere in between too. You can have a short vine tattoo with a couple of flowers running down from your ankle to the tip of your foot. You can have an elaborate vine tattoo twisting up your leg from the ankle to your thighs going around the leg with flower tattoos and butterflies and fairies or heart tattoos.

A woman shows her leg vine tattoo design on the tattoo chair.

Just let your imagination free and you can come up with a unique design with vine tattoos. If you do not care for the twisting effect, you can have a vine running straight up your leg with other tattoos or names or initials of people you love. This is one way of showing people you love, how much you care for them.  Another advantage of a leg vine tattoo is that they can be hidden if necessary by wearing a full skirt or a pair of trousers. The color combination can be chosen to suit your taste. A greenish brownish leg vine tattoo with small colorful flowers or bright colored butterflies inked beside the vine would look attractive. Take care to use all precautions when you pierce your tattoo. The post tattooing care has to be followed diligently to avoid infection and for the tattoo to last forever.

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