Types of Meaningful Floral Tattoos

The original yellow color sunflower tattoo on foot.Different Portrayals and Meanings of Floral Tattoos

Floral tattoos have been as popular in the olden days as it is now. Actually with more and more women going in for body tattooing, floral tattoos have now become even more popular as they are attractive and beautiful to look at.

The different floral and flower tattoos can depict different characters. They also make a woman look more elegant and sexy with their enticing shapes and sizes.  This does not mean that men don’t wear floral tattoos. It is quite common amongst men too, to wear floral designs to manifest their love and affection for people as well as the environment.

Flowers in tattoo designs can be in a single color or multiple colors depending on the flower and it can depict the blooming period of one’s life. Some of the most popular flowers used in tattoo designs are sun flower, hibiscus, rose, lily, lotus, cherry blossom, jasmine etc. In this article let me explain some of the meanings depicted by flowers.

1. Sun flower: Depicts strength of character, a sunny disposition and an inclination to see the positive side of things. It also symbolizes a vibrant personality ever shining like the sun.

Simple red daisy flower tattoo on woman's shoulder.

2. Hibiscus: This floral tattoo can be created in different colors since hibiscus grows in many colors such as red, orange, white, purple, light yellow, pink etc. The hybrids are are also found in double colors. Hibiscus stands for softness and because a hibiscus also dries up the very next day, it gives the message of enjoying life in its fullness always since we don’t know how long our life is going to be.

3. Rose: Symbolic of love and devotion the rose is an eternally popular tattoo design. The different colors of rose depicts yellow for friendship, white for purity and innocence, pink for gentleness, red for love, orange for passion and so on.

Purity pink lotus flower tattoo on pretty woman's hip.

4. Lotus and Lily: Both these flowers signify purity and honesty and clarity of mind. Lotus symbolizes a strength of character which says that it will remain pure despite the dirty and murky surroundings. It also symbolizes the aptitude to go ahead in all conditions.

5. Cherry blossom: Depicts delicacy and kindness with a strength of spirit. Originating from Japan it is a very beautiful flower symbolizing innate strength in something small and gentle. It also symbolizes the transient nature of human life.

The feminine red lily flower tattoo for girls amd women.

6. Jasmine: A very popular flower in India, jasmine flowers symbolizes a seductive and passionate nature. Jasmine is an aphrodisiac and depicts the nature of spreading love and leaving its fragrance to be imbibed by all. This tattoo can be worn in a circlet form for better representation.

Floral tattoos can also be inked along with butterflies, fairies, birds, stars to give it more meaning and artistic value. Men are known to wear flower tattoo along with skull or dragon designs to depict manliness along with gentleness.

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