Vine Flower Tattoo for Men and Women

Nice cherry blossom vine tattoo on the ankle.The beauty and uniqueness of a vine flower tattoo is based on its simplicity and yet, it carries a lot of meanings.  You can create a vine tattoo in several ways that can describe your character accurately.  This tat design possesses deep religious, cultural and historical values apart from being adaptable.

Vine flower tat designs are fantastic with regard to creativity for both the user and the tat artist.  The beautiful vine that is depicted in the tattoo symbolizes growth, harmony, and re-growth.  However, when it concerns the meaning of each tat design, it depends on the kind of vine that you have chosen.

A popular vine flower tattoo that you commonly see is the ivy plant.  In the minds of the Druids, the ivy is viewed as a symbol of purpose, while to the Christians it is symbolic of man’s weakness, and the need for a strong support to keep him moving.  Most of the ivy vine flower tats that you can see nowadays are drawn in a coil style rising upwards on the arm or your leg.

A simple and plain vine tattoo appearing at man's back.

Considering that ivy flower is now being commonly portrayed in tat designs, it would be better if you take something which is not so common such as having it wrapped around a cross, statue, or the arms, hips and legs of pin-up girls.  Another choice is a single leaf design, or an entire plant of a poison ivy to signify beauty and danger.

In some cases, people opt to have a vine flower tattoo design that has a wide combination of colors.  For this particular design, you can utilize big clumps of Virginia creeper with red color on a wide canvass of your body.  You can also use soft sprouts of white, pink, red and purple sweet pea that would make a good design.

Still a good choice is a creeping kudzu that is made-up of dark purple or royal blue, tail-like blossoms.  With a wide selection of tat designs, your vine flower tat can be done in different colors, and featuring a combination of vines.  You can use stripes of colors at your back, bundle the vine flowers together, and embed them on the private parts of your body.

An awesome and fantastic Chrysanthemum flower vine tattoo at sweatshirt girl's lower back.

Keep in mind that you can make vine flower tattoos in a straight- forward manner, or you can elaborate it.  Some tat enthusiasts prefer to have a monotone technique with a small sprinkle of color for the flower design.  In most cases, they are done in discreet, small patterns with a number of loose tendrils that were taken from a grapevine signifying abundance.

You can even put some small, purple colored bunch of fruits beside it.  There are also others who want to portray a broad scene with their tattoos by making a Garden of Eden with angels strolling in a path of vines.  In this type of tattoo design, you’ll never be short of choices for your own tattoo having an attractive look and the right symbolism.  Just search online for a wide selection of vine flower tattoos, and pick the right one that is suitable to you.

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